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Equus-Chevaline Coverflexx Waterproof Membrane High build flexible exterior bodycoat

By  Last updated: 4th September 2010

Chevaline Coverflexx Waterproof Membrane
High build flexible exterior bodycoat

areas only straight from pail.
Roller: Long-nap or texture roller straight from pail.
Requires experience to ensure correct coverage.
Coventional Spray: Large capacity nozzle combination
(De Vilbiss 114-AC or similar). Will benefit from thinning
approx. 10% (1.5 litres per 15 litre pail) with water.
Airless Spray: Straight from pail. Use a coarse line
filter (20-30 mesh) and remove gun filter.
Application Properties:
Spreading Rate:
1. High build waterproof system bodycoat. 2.75-3.5 sqm/
2. litre (41-52.5 sqm/15 litre pail).
3. Roof membrane over stone coated tiles, fabric etc.
2.0-2.5 sqm/litre (30-37.5 sqm/15 litre pail). Note that
on rough surfaces this may reduce to 1.5 sqm/litre.
3. Roof membrane over primed asbestos-cement roofing
3 sqm/litre (45 sqm/15 litre pail)
sqm/litre. This gives the minimum film build required to
ensure effectiveness of elastomeric properties
Drytime: Touch Dry 2-3 hours
Through Dry 12-24 hours
Full Hardness 7-10 days
At normal conditions.
Topcoats should be checked for recoating on a 7-10
year cycle for exterior and a 10 year cycle for interior
use. Clean when required using low-medium pressure
spray and a dilute neutral detergent solution (cold or
warm, NOT hot).
If topcoats are renewed whilst film is still sound, the life
of the system will be easily prolonged for further similar
cycle periods.
Health And Safety:
Chevaline Coverflexx is a waterborne material,
non-flammable and contains no mammalian toxic
substances. It requires no special storage conditions
other than protection from frost. However, we
recommend the use of barrier cream on hands and
safety spectacles when handling/applying this material
and the use of a cartridge mask when spraying in
confined spaces with poor ventilation. Note that although
this product is fibre reinforced it does not contain
asbestos. Equus Safety Class 1.
Purpose & Areas Of Use:
A high-build flexible bodycoat for exterior use as a
component of wall waterproofing systems and roof
coating membranes in non-traffic areas. It is normally
topcoated for maximum properties and life.
A flexible elastomeric waterborne acrylic material,
fibre-reinforced for additional strength. Has high
adhesion properties and inbuilt durability. May be
self-priming in some roofing applications.
Process Compatibility:
Use over all standard waterborne Equus priming
systems. May be over-coated with Chevaline
Colourglaze, Extracover, Coverall, Stonewash and
Available in Australian Standard 2700-1996 colours. Can
be tinted to match other colours on demand.
Standard Pack:
15 litre plastic pails
Physical Properties:
Liquid Material:
Solids (% by volume): 47%
Specific Gravity: 1.28
Flash Point: None – water-based system.
Shelf Life: Three years – original sealed pails
when stored in cool dry
Applied Film:
Flexibility: Exceptional, with inbuilt elasticity
to allow bridging of cracks which
may move up to 0.5 mm after
product application.
Durability: When over-coated with
compatible Chevaline products
the excellent flexibility and
elasticity properties will be
maintained in excess of the life of
the topcoat.
Chemical Resistance: Very good for normal atmospheric
pollutant. System resistance will
depend on topcoat properties.
Fungus Resistance: Chevaline Coverflexx contains
a highly effective mould-resistant
additive, which contains no toxic
metals or phenols.
Normal Film Thickness: 130-230 microns
Application Method:
Brush: Continental Whitewash brush or similar. Small

Equus Industries Ltd
PO Box 497
Frankston 3199
Phone: 03 9706 6226 Fax 03 9706 4880
Email: tech-support@equus.

Technical Data Sheet:

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