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RLA tile adhesives

RLA Flex 1-Part is a premium grade, Flexible off white 1-part ceramic tile adhesive

By  Last updated: 25th August 2013

RLA lex 1-Part
ž RLA Flex 1-Part is a premium grade, Flexible off white 1-part ceramic tile adhesive designed to
withstand movement in the substrate, where conventional adhesive are too rigid.
ž It is designed for bonding all types of ceramic, stone, with the exception of light coloured and
Green marble, and mosaic tiles onto a variety of substrates like concrete, rendered brickwork,
block work, plasterboard, fibre cement, particle board, and tongue and groove timber surfaces.
ž It can be used internally or externally on wall and floor substrates.
ž RLA Flex can be used to fix low porosity ties, over timber floors without using underlays
ver most waterproofing membranes.
ž Ensure that all surfaces are sound dry and free from excessive movement, oil dust, grease, wax,
curing compounds, release agents, paints and any other loose contaminating material.
ž It is recommended that all surfaces be primed with Uniprime, especially porous surfaces, to
ensure a sound bond of the adhesive to the substrate.
ž Allow the primer to dry for approximately 30-40 minutes at 20oc prior to commencing tiling.
Expansion/ Movement Joints:
ž Expansion/ Movement joints must be provided to allow for movement between adjacent building
components. They should be as follows:
ž Over existing joints in the substrate, where two different substrates meet e.g. Plasterboard and
fibre cement sheet, at internal vertical corners.
ž On wall surfaces at storey heights horizontally and approx. 3m-4.5m apart vertically.
ž Movement joints should go right through the tile adhesive bed to the background and kept free
from dirt and adhesive droppings. Movement joints must not be less than 6 mm and not wider
than 10 mm. The movement joints must be filled with a flexible sealant like Silicone.
ž The mixing ratio of RLA Flex 1-Part is 20kg of powder to approximately 5-6 litres of water.
ž Pour the water into a clean drum and then gradually add the RLA lex 1-Part while mixing
continuously until a smooth lump free mix is obtained. Always add powder to liquid.
ž Allow the mix to stand for 10 minutes, re-stir and then apply the adhesive onto the substrate.
ž RLA Flex 1-Part should be applied onto the substrate at a rate of 1m2 at a time. Application rates
greater than this can result in the adhesive skinning before the tiles are laid into it.
ž Once the adhesive is applied onto the substrate ensure that it does not skin prior to bedding the
tiles into it. Once the adhesive skins do not lay tiles into it, but remove it and apply fresh
ž When placing the tiles into the adhesive press them in by using a twisting or sliding motion.
Ensure no voids occur and full coverage of adhesive is under the tiles.
ž Once the tiling is complete do not disturb the tiled surface for at least 24 hours at 200c.

Clean up:
ž Excess adhesive from the face of the tiles can be cleaned up with damp cloth while the adhesive
is still wet.
ž Adhesive that has oozed out into the grout joint must be racked out with a knife/spatula etc.
ž Tools and other equipment can be cleaned up using water while the adhesive is still wet.
ž A 20kg bag of RLA lex 1-Part will cover approximately 7-9m2 using a 12mm notched trowel.
Grouting Application:
ž Generally grouting can be carried out after the adhesive has achieved a firm set (24 hours).
ž Use either RLA Grout, Smooth Grout, or Flexi-groutTM liquid premix.
Packaging/ Shelf Life:
ž RLA lex 1-Part is available in 20 Kg bags.
ž A bag of RLA lex 1-Part, when stored in a cool, dry environment, and is stored above ground
level, will have a shelf life of approximately 12 months.
Handy Tips:
ž RLA lex 1-Part can not be used for fixing tiles in permanently immersed situation like
swimming pools, spas etc. and permanently damp concrete slabs like those present around the
pool surrounds.
ž RLA lex 1-Part is not suitable for applications where heavy traffic or high point loads will be
applied over the tiling installation.
ž RLA lex 1-Part is classified as a non-hazardous product.
ž For a full MSDS on this product please contact your nearest RLA office.
ž RLA Flex 1-Part being cement based is alkaline in nature, and therefore may cause dermatitis.

Source:  RLA Flex 1-Part

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