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Fap Ceramiche presents its new “Fap+” collection of ceramic accessories.

By  Last updated: 15th December 2012

Fap Ceramiche presents its new “Fap+” collection of ceramic accessories.

klFap Ceramiche is proud to present its new, exclusive Fap+ project.
The aim of this new project is to underline the increasingly important role played by ceramics in the world of planning and design, thanks to the array of potential uses it offers for both creating and decorating.
Fap+ is an ongoing project which will be developed further in the future: this year’s Variazione + collection is merely the beginning.
What immediately strikes the customer about the Fap+ project is that it is all about “functional ceramics”: a ceramic wall which blends into a flowing ensemble composed of shelves, towel-rails, object-holders, etc.
This idea is beautiful as well as functional, and perfectly in line with Fap Ceramiche’s bathroom design philosophy. When designing bathrooms, there is often a tendency to forget that even the most common accessories and objects ought to form part of the overall look, and such elements are often added later, without any sort of fil rouge to link them. Fap+ aims to interpret the bathroom environment and its needs at a deeper level, drawing upon the innate energy of its design and allowing the shapes and lines to move freely around, creating their own atmosphere; objects which normally play a merely functional role become part of the furnishing and decoration project of the bathroom.
Fap+’s concept of functional bathroom ceramics is that less is more; it avoids the hectic proliferation of “bathroom objects” such as soap dishes-tumblers-jars, etc.
Flowing, artistic, seductive, classy shapes, pleasant to the touch and with attractive light reflections – these attractive elements have a decisive, innovative role to play in bathroom design, in which decor becomes versatile and functional.

reIn Fap+, the simple structure of the objects is complemented by the careful choice of materials and glazes, with a subtle, yet effective result. In order for the light to underline and enhance the flowing lines of the elements, the surfaces have a different inclination according to the various heights at which they are placed. The feature of the shapes is a simple, perfectly-proportioned design, which focuses attention on the wall, but at the same time creates an ongoing, fluid dialogue with the surfaces and decorations of the Fap Ceramiche collections.
oiThis project makes its début with the Variazione+ line, designed by Angelika Mörlein. With Variazione+, walls tiled with Fap Ceramiche collections take shape and form shelves, ledges, graceful strips and clothes hangers which blend seamlessly in with the decor.
With Fap+, a whole new series of options open out before Fap Ceramiche’s well-informedcustomers, who are always on the lookout for new ways to customize their bathrooms, for objects which are also travelling companions, lifestyle symbols able to give each room an exclusive, personal touch.  
Technical description
The Variazione + line is composed of the following ceramic elements:
Cube Module –  30.5×30.5 cm, depth 22 cm, in white
Cube Shelf – 30.5×30.5 cm, depth 12 cm, in white
Shelf – 91×14 cm, depth 12 cm, in white
Clothes hanger -4×30.5, in black or white
Set of accessories –tumbler, toothbrush holder and soap-dish, in white.

Fap Ceramiche.
  Address: Via Ghiarola Nuova, 44
  City: Fiorano Modenese – (MO)
  Code: 41042
  Telephone: +39 0536 837511
  Fax: +39 0536 837532

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