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Metal wall wall tiles offer an attractive solutions

By  Last updated: 22nd October 2010

Copper Patina Tiles – Types and Process of Copper Patina

23There are three major styles of copper patina tiles: aqua copper, Rojo copper, and bronze copper. Each of these has distinctive and striking visual appeal. Rojo and bronze copper patina tiles have chaotic geometric shapes naturally formed during the oxidation process. While the aqua copper tile gives the sense of water flowing over it. Aqua copper patina has regions of bright turquoise among regions of brown.

09Copper patina occurs when copper reacts to the oxygen in the air, called oxidation, which yields a new material called copper oxide. This copper oxide is of varying degrees, depending on the oxygen content in the air and the purity of the copper. These differences lend to a great variety of patterns and color intensity.

Tiles made from copper patina are corrosion resistant, and will stand the test of time, while giving that classic old world look. If you use copper patina tiles in your house you will be the most unique, sophisticated, and yet classy home owner you will know.

Bronze Tile
Herald A New Age In Your Home

98How does one create a timeless floor tile design when we live in a world of here to day gone tomorrow? With the addition of bronze tiles to a stone tile design, you will have an eternal and lasting statement of quality and beauty that will be as appealing in 100 years as they are today. Bronze tiles are foundry works of art. They give the owner a sense of connection to the foundry arts which finds bronze metal so attractive.56

Bronze tiles gain their beauty with age. As the metal tiles are placed in the floor, time and weather will take a bronze tile from beautiful to stunning. As you walk over or stand on the metal tiles you actually help the beautifying process by giving what is called time-worn paths to the tile. Time-worn paths are polished edges and corners of the bronze tiles that are most often in places where you walk or spend most of you time. One can think of these shiny time-worn marks as fine polished areas of a beloved statue one might have in their home.

Bronze metal tiles are some times used in tile designs to frame areas of a room or bathroom. Edge bronze tiles are used to form a border in which other bronze tiles with fruit, aspen leafs, doves, or mosaic designs are placed. The most popular bronze tile is the Lotus tile. The Lotus bronze tile is a 12 peddle flower with a small round center. Most commonly the Lotus tile is found incased with a framed border and is placed on the diamonds in a stone tile floor. Other popular bronze tiles are the Sun tile and one inch pinwheel tile.

Zinc Tiles
A More Sanitary Way to Decorate

98Zinc is the fourth most common metal in use, trailing only iron, aluminum, and copper in annual production. Zinc is used to coat steel metal tiles to protect against rusting when moisture is present. Zinc metal tiles are not only beautiful but are able to be given patterns and designs that will last a lifetime. A good example of a minted metal tile-like product that has been in use for many years is the penny. Zinc is the primary metal used in making American pennies since 1982. Just think, if a penny that is being bounced around for decades can still keep it?s luster, then what would a zinc metal tile look like nuzzled into the design of your kitchen tile backsplash? 90

Zinc which has a bluish-white appearance may be used to coat steel and iron metal wall tiles giving them a unique color. Some say that zinc has germicidal qualities and will keep kitchens and bathrooms more sanitary.

Zinc metal tiles have a sophisticated European feel that blends well with any material. When choosing zinc tile the homeowner must consider the application, because some food and drink products that come in contact with the tile will form a patina Zinc oxide on the tile; changing the appearance. During the first few weeks following galvanization, the zinc coating develops a natural protective patina. If allowed to develop naturally, the patina itself provides an inert corrosion protection layer for the active zinc metal.  If zinc metal tile is used in kitchens you will need to clear coat the Zinc if the patina look does not fit your design idea.

Metal Accent Tile

34Have you ever seen an entryway to a home that has large ceramic tile that?s been laid in a diamond pattern with small one inch metal accent tile at the corners? Or a bathroom that has a sunken in Jacuzzi tub with ceramic tile that?s been inlaid with metal accent tile and metal accent border tile? What a sight! The warmth and beauty metal accent tile gives to any ceramic tile design is just jaw dropping. Metal accent tiles only get better over time. Unlike other wall and floor coverings that fade out of fashion, tile is one of the timeless artistic expressions that have been with us sense the ancient days of the Pharos.

The most common use for metal accent tile is in kitchen backsplashes. New kitchen designs are incorporating large cooking ranges, like a Viking cook range, with a vent hood just above it. These large vent hoods are often custom designed to match the décor of the kitchen but have a hard time flowing with the cook range. A large open backsplash just behind the range if designed correctly will create unity between the vent hood and the range. Metal accent tiles are a great way to take elements from the cooking range which is metal and the vent hood that could be metal or wood and create a design that is both eye catching and stylish.

weMetal accent tile come form foundries are made by metal artists with an eye for beauty. Most copper and bronze metal accent tiles are made by hand through the process of metal casting. First a metal accent tile mold is made out of fine sand. This sand casting will have the inverse of the metal accent tile design in it. With the two halves of the sand mold together, the metal accent tile is ready for casting. Copper, bronze, aluminum, and pewter are the most common metals used to make metal accent tile. The metal is melted until it is in a liquid form and is then poured into the sand casting. After a few minutes in the casting the mold is broken open and the newly formed metal accent tile is ready for final cleaning and buffing.

Most metal accent tiles are only one inch square or border tile, but more and more people are using larger metal accent tile in new and everlasting designs. What ever your tile needs are, with metal accent tile you are sure to have a design that will last the ages.




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