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Tile Grout

Pilkington’s Fine Joint Grout for wall and floor tiles with joint widths up to 12mm-Data Sheet.

By  Last updated: 25th August 2013

 Pilkington’s Fine Joint Grout for wall and floor tiles with joint widths up to 12mm-Data Sheet.


Fine Joint Grout has been specially developed for wall and floor tiles with joint widths up to 12mm, ideal externally and internally in both wet and dry conditions, including swimming pools and power showers. Fine Joint Grout is highly suited to most common tile applications, including natural stone, porcelain, conglomerate and ceramic wall and floor tiles


* For use with1-12mm joint widths
* Suitable for internal & external applications
* Suitable in kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools & power showers
* Water repellent
* Anti-fungal
* Mould resistant

Constitution     Powder
Appearance     Powder in colours listed below
Mix Ratio     Fine Joint Grout should be added slowly to clean water in a suitable container in the approximate proportion of 3.5 parts powder to 1 part water. Mix until a smooth consistency is achieved
Application Temperature     5°C to 25°C
Open Time     Do not mix more than can be used in a 45-60 minute period, do not rewet or add too much water
Pot Life

60 minutes

6 months, when stored in cool, dry conditions and protected from excessive drafts
Set Time     24 hours
Coverage     Approx 0.3 kg/m2 (150x150x6mm tiles, 3 mm joints)
Colours     White, Limestone, Anthracite, Grey
Pack Sizes     White: 3.5kg / 12kg; Other colours 3kg
Notes     Times quoted are quoted at 20°C and are temperature/humidity dependent. Please note that certain tiles may suffer discolouration or scratching when using grouts, and it is recommended a test application be carried out prior to application
Preparation     Ensure that the adhesive is completely set and that tiles are firmly fixed. Ensure that joints are free from excess adhesive, dust, grease or any other contaminates
Application     Fine Joint Grout should be applied to the surface using a rubber backed trowel or squeegee. Work the mixed material thoroughly into the joints, a small area at a time. Ensure that joints are completely filled without voids before continuing. Excess grout should be removed as grouting proceeds
Grouting     After at least 3 hours. Temperature and conditions may affect the tile set, so check the tiles before grouting
Cleaning     Use a soft dry cloth to remove surface excess when grout has begun to dry (10-15 minutes)
MSDS     Click here to download a Material Safety Data Sheet for WHITE
Click here to download a Material Safety Data Sheet for GREY
Click here to download a Material Safety Data Sheet for LIMESTONE
Click here to download a Material Safety Data Sheet for ANTHRACITE

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